Email Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

With the changes to the various social algorithms, an increased difficulty in reaching social networking users organically, and a greater number of users canceling social accounts throughout the country, marketers are more apt to look away from Facebook, Instagram and other networks right now.  This brings many back to the power of email marketing. There are a few trends to be aware of, though, if you intend to place more of your figurative eggs in this basket.

Increased Regulation

It’s happening across several social networks and it will be happening within the email sphere as well.  There will be more pressure on marketers to ensure they are abiding by data laws and regulations.  This, of course ties into the part of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Data mining has been a powerful tool for companies for several years now. The ability to give the consumer just what they want is becoming increasingly easy thanks to artificial intelligence.  The use of predictive technology allows a brand to determine what, when, how, and where a person is most apt to want the product or service is offered. This means that email offers can be presented in the perfect time, place, and way.  That, in turn, means an increased likelihood of conversion.

The obstacles in the way of producing visually appealing emails that are equally enjoyable are being tackled.  There are tools and services making it possible for even small businesses to create high-end email.  Much of this push is related to the ever-increasing number of purchases and interactions occurring via mobile device.

Opening Via Mobile

Ten years ago, there were still a number of business professionals who didn’t do anything but make calls and perhaps the occasional text message via mobile.  That is no longer the case.  According to Pew Research Center, nearly every American adult has a cellphone now, and more than seventy-five percent of them have smartphones, which they use for texting, social media, email, web surfing, and even shopping on the go.  According to Media Post, more than half of all emails are opening on these mobile devices now.  That puts pressure on marketers to create emails that look attractive and function well even on very small screens.

You can expect emails will increase in number, improve in style, and will speak a personal message to the viewer.  Are you ready to face off against competitors in the email inbox?

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