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With over 25 years of experience, Pamela Whitfield is the only voluntary benefits broker in the state of Hawaii. “Basically, it’s a way for employers to add benefits at no cost. So, benefits like disability and accident, critical illness: just helping an employer with benefits at no cost,” says Whitfield. Whether it’s a private employer, union, or an association, every company can integrate a plan into their list of benefits.

A well-orchestrated and properly implemented voluntary benefits plan should be an important part of any company. They offer richer benefits without health questions at a significantly discounted rate. “When presented properly, 40% or 50% of employees will participate in a program,” says Whitfield.

Elite VB has a new website that highlights the need for voluntary benefits. It’s a collection of case studies and testimonies from employer and employee experiences with Elite VB. She also includes a CE course on COVID education. If you are an employer interested in implementing voluntary benefits for your employees, check out Elite VB’s website for more information.

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