Effective Marketing to Build Brand Recognition

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Digital marketing has never been easier, and it is certainly one of the most affordable options available to the average business. Not only that, but it is also extremely effective when done right too.  If you are a new business looking to build brand recognition, although it is not the only thing you should be doing, it is certainly one of the best tools available.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you will need to do if you want to use digital marketing to effectively build brand recognition now and in the future.

Make Sure Your Brand is Consistent

The most important thing that you can do is make sure that your branding is consistent across the board. That means that every website, blog, social media account and brick and mortar store needs to use the same logo, color scheme, style of language (AKA tone of voice) and so on. Consistent branding and messaging helps build familiarity so that your brand is instantly recognizable.

If that seems like a lot of work, offers excellent tools which can help you achieve a consistent brand. The key is to create in-house brand and style guides and carefully check that any new marketing materials meet these guidelines before they are published.

Communicate Creatively

Every business has a range of information they need to market to their clients and customers. This starts with the company’s website address, social media accounts, advertisements and even in-store promotions. If you market your products and services in a dry, matter-of-fact way you are missing an opportunity to market your brand and build further recognition.

It is far better to use and experiment with different ways of putting that information out there. Whether that means using slang to appeal to a younger audience or writing your communications as if the product is talking directly to the customer – something that brands like Innocent Drinks have used very effectively.

Of course, these are just a few examples – you need to spend time on some serious brainstorming sessions to come up with an effective and creative communications style that works for you.

Focus on Unique Content 

If you want your brand to be the one that appears on the top of SERP for your niche (i.e. on the first page of Google search), it’s important that you create lots of in the form of blog and social media posts, videos on Youtube, guest posts in your niche, and even marketing flyers and leaflets. By doing this, you will start to become a known authority in your niche, which will give your brand a boost and develop those all important associations between your niche and your brand specifically.

Know Your Audience

Of course, doing any and all the above will be of little consequence to you if you do not know your audience inside and out. If you want people to pay attention to your brand and get to know it, you need to appeal to them. You must know what they need, what they want, when and how they want it and what kind of information appeals to them. That means doing lots of market research, learn who you are speaking to, who is your demographic target (age, income, interests, etc.) but it will be worth it when your brand blows up on social media.

Good luck!

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