EA Sports has “Looked at” FIFA 19 Cross-Platform Play

One of the most commonly requested features from fans in regards to FIFA is cross-platform play. Thanks to recent comments by FIFA 19 Creative Director Matt Prior to Eurogamer, it seems like EA Sports might be edging closer to making Cross-platform FIFA play a reality:

“It’s something we’ve looked at, and it’s something we often talk about,” Prior said in a conversation about cross-platform play coming to the huge soccer franchise.

Prior pointed to first-party issues as the reason why cross-platform play might be difficult to implement in FIFA, but looked to Fortnite as an example where it has worked recently:

There are a lot of issues to work through. I’m trying to be diplomatic here! There are a lot of issues to work through with various first parties. But Fortnite does that now with PC to consoles.

Despite being hopeful about adding cross play to FIFA in the future, Prior was decidedly cagey about confirming anything, though did admit that cross-platform play in FIFA would be “a net benefit to users”.

There are many reasons why cross-platform play would be a no-brainer for FIFA 19. Firstly there’s the fact that the ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode is currently splintered between different platforms, splitting up the trading and transfer market significantly. Currently, it’s also not possible to share an account across platforms either, something which would really benefit those who would like to bring their FUT profile over to a new console.

We’ll have to wait and see whether EA Sports can strike a deal with first-party publishers and broaden FIFA out into a cross-platform environment. It’s certainly worked for Fortnite, though even Epic Games hasn’t been able to convince Sony to get in on the action fully – PS4 cross-plays with PC and mobile, but not other console versions.

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