Donald Trump 10 Marketing Lessons We can Learn

To become the president of the United States, Donald Trump upset the odds and did something that very few people saw coming. As much as it came as a shock to many, it was an indication of how good of a marketer Mr Trump and his team really were during the campaigns.

The marketing exploits of Trump have however been part of his DNA all along. One of the richest men in the world today, there are a lot of marketing positives to take from Mr Trump’s life. Weparticularly want to take a look at some of the best marketing lessons that we can learn from Donald Trump and apply them in our businesses and building of our own brands;

10 Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump


Mr Trump is a very authentic person. He talks and preaches what he believes in. This is important in marketing, consumers crave for authenticity rather than sugar-coated lies. Equally in marketing, businesses and brands should ensure that they are authentic in their approaches and the content that they put up for the target audience to consume.


Donald has always been creative in the way he approaches issues. He took a unique path that many didn’t expect him to take. This is a great marketing tool. Be unique and creative in your work always. It works. From intentionally sparking controversy to embracing unexpected political enemies, there is a lot of creativity in the way Trump approaches his marketing gimmicks and it seems to work at all times.


Who is more daring than Trump? Who would have thought 10 years ago that Trump would take over from Obama as the U.S President? You have to take risks in whatever you do and success will be imminent. For any business to be a success, there has to be an element of risk-taking. Living in your comfort zone in terms of marketing will only stagnate your business and you will therefore need to explore new ways and take new risks to succeed.

Sticks to one strategy He succeeded and succeeds because he sticks to one strategy but perfects it well. He build his campaign around immigration and look what fruits it bore him. Although he has become president, he continues to use the immigration issue to garner support from the people who care about the border security and chances are, come the next election he will still be using the immigration issue as the pillar of his campaign. As a business, do you have a prove strategy that you are working with?


Even when we treated him as an outsider and an underdog who stood no chance, Trump came out on top thanks to his persistence. He constantly marketed himself and he won in the end. He never gave up despite the numerous online polls and mock results which showcased Trump as only a runners up. In marketing, you shouldn’t give up and will need to try again and again before you can enjoy the success you so long for.

Laser Focus

He focussed on the few issues- immigration and restoring America’s greatness- and managed to convince the electorate that he will solve the issues and make the nation great again. Same should apply in digital marketing, focus on a product and make people fall in love with it.

Speaking his mind

Even before he became an aspirant, he has been a man who doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Although he sometimes look a little sheepish in so doing, people ended up loving his antics.


This seems a little awkward but is a great marketing tool that Trump used to emerge triumphant. His story was that of a pained American who craved to see America get back to its prime. His story is why he was elected. What’s the story behind your product or service?

Works against the grain

When everybody was pulling the rope in one way, Trump was there pulling it the opposite direction. When everybody is focussing on giving offers to sell their products, why not focus on the quality and outscore them?

Working with the best in marketing and PR team

Wealthy and controversial as he was, without his marketing and business management team, Trump wouldn’t be where he is today. Although he is the voice and image of the brand, there is a lot that went on behind the scenes done by a team of proven political experts and marketers who made the campaign a success.

Who are the experts behind the marketing of your business?

Let the best run your marketing campaigns

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