Domino’s gets Hawaii back to work

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“For those that want to work, they want to work, regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the world,” said Rompel. “We’re just trying to get people back to some sort of normalcy.”

Rompel says that his goal as an employer is to make sure that his employees have grown and learned as much as possible by the time that they leave.

“There’s this thing about ‘what’s your turnover percentage,’” he said. “My philosophy is, I want 100% turnover–– I just want them better when they leave than when they got here.”

Domino’s is currently hiring at every location, and it wants to supply its staff members with the knowledge they need to build their careers.

“Nobody’s going to start out buying the Hawaiian Village,” said Rompel. “They’re going to start out running a little shop and working their way up from there.”

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