DK Steakhouse and Sansei Seafood Restaurant serving up delicious cuisine

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Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar is open! Try their amazing local style ginger, scallion, and wasabi otoro, or their Cajun seared walu sashimi with onions, cilantro, and kalbi sauce. They also have a sushi plater that contains a variety of different nigiri and temaki.

DK Steakhouse only serves the best steaks possible, and always uses the highest quality cuts of meat. They use primes steaks that are seared in a 1,800 degree char broiler to create the best flavor. Right now, DK Steakhouse is serving up a dinner for two. It comes with a 22 oz, on the bone ribeye steak, shrimp scampi, crispy brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, bread, caesar salad, and brownies for dessert. Chef Kodama recommends upgrading the mashed potatoes to shrimp mashed potatoes to make them more flavorful.

DK Steakhouse wants guests to know that the restaurant is a clean and safe environment. They professionally cleaned and sanitized the entire restaurant. They also require that all staff be fully vaccinated. If someone isn’t vaccinated for religious or radical reasons, DK Steakhouse has them tested for COVID consistently. Temperature checks and valid vaccination cards and IDs are also required at the door. “We’re totally safe,” says Chef Kodama.

People continue to return to DK Steakhouse and Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar because of the quality and consistency of the food. For reservations or to place a takeout order, please visit

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