Digital And Traditional Marketing Are Very Different Things

Digital And Traditional Marketing Are Very Different Things

When it comes to marketing, there has always been a very strong link between marketing techniques and the most cutting-edge technology. There was a time when print was the most exciting new development, and it allowed businesses to reach people that they had never met. Then radio and television arrived, and suddenly businesses had the chance to connect with customers in a much more direct way, beaming themselves right into their homes. Now we live in the age of the internet and marketing techniques have shifted once again. However, the shift has been even more significant this time. Where there were many new techniques that businesses needed to learn in the move from print to television advertising, the change from traditional to digital marketing is so significant that it almost feels like a totally different world. Because of this, trying to use the same techniques in digital marketing that have worked in traditional marketing simply will not work. To help you avoid falling into this trap, here are some differences between digital and traditional marketing that you need to be aware of.

Content is king

One thing that the internet has done, which many people are only just realising, is that it has fundamentally changed the way in which people interact with the media that they consume. There was a time when all you needed to do in order to market a product to customers was to show them your product and explain why they should buy it. That method simply does not work in the digital age. You may hear the phrase “content is king” thrown around a lot, and this is the reason why. Customers, especially younger people, don’t want to feel like you’re selling them something, they want to feel engaged. They want to feel like you’re communicating with them. This is why everything from blog posts to online video, to connecting with respected influencers and working with companies that specialise in franchise marketing are such important methods in modern digital marketing. They create an emotional connection with customers rather than just trying to sell them something.


One thing that the internet allows that literally, no other form of marketing can do is interactivity. Customers have far more agency in finding the products that they need and want. This means that, rather than just putting your marketing out into the world and hoping that customers see it, you need to put it directly in front of them. SEO allows you to place your business in front of customers the moment that they express a desire for it. When they search for your product on Google, SEO is the thing that makes sure that your business is the very first result.

Direct interaction

When businesses only advertised through print, TV, and radio, the idea of speaking to a single customer was practically impossible. However, thanks to things like social media, you’re able to talk directly to potential customers. This means that you can create the kind of emotional and personal connection that would never have been possible before. If you see them posting on Twitter about something that connects to your product, you can step in and talk to them about it. Rather than being a large business talking to a consumer, you’re just people interacting. This creates a sense of loyalty among your customers that can be incredibly valuable.

None of this is to say that one style of marketing is in any way superior to the other. Rather, it’s important to remember how different they are and keep their various strengths and weaknesses in mind all of the time.

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