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Design the New Business workshops

Through all the screenings we’ve organized, we’ve discovered that it’s not the movie but the discussions afterwards that really make a difference. Watching the movie together is a great way to trigger good discourse, especially when these discussions are facilitated in the right way.

Therefore we’ve developed a workshop format that allows viewers to watch and discuss the movie in a focused manner, geared to their specific interest or issue. We have developed 8 initial themes, each with their own workshop toolkit. The toolkit stimulates the conversation, and consists of an introductory presentation, a set of questions, a set of quotes from the movie, posters for communicating, and a set of online resources to explore during the workshop. Depending on the workshop setting we can expand the toolkit with case studies pertaining to the specific theme.

Here are the 8 themes:
Theme 1: Business in transition

What new challenges are modern businesses facing compared to 10 years ago? Are companies employing new ways of coping with these challenges? Which methods work, which don’t, and why?

Theme 2: Design in transition

Compared to 10 years ago, what are the new challenges that designers are facing? Are designers employing new ways to cope with these challenges? Which new tools are they applying and how effective are they?

Theme 3: Educating design and business

How are business and design schools integrating each others’ expertise in their programs and should they? Can you teach design thinking to business students and business thinking to design students? What sort of educational techniques does this require?

Theme 4: The customer centered paradigm

Why is it so hard for many companies to be truly customer centered and how can they change their paradigm? What does customer centricity imply in practice and how does it affect branding and innovation?

Theme 5: Building understanding for new approaches

How can new approaches to dealing with complex issues (like design thinking, customer centricity, open innovation, co-creation and service dominant logic) be introduced to organizations? How can you overcome the initial tendency to stick with the old and discard the new?

Theme 6: The meaning and value of design thinking

What does design thinking mean for organisations, and how can it help to bring actual value to business and customers alike? How is it different from other ways of working, and in which cases is it effective? How do you build a culture in which design thinking can flourish.

Theme 7: Working together across silos

How can you enhance cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration within organisations? What is required in terms of soft skills (empathy, openness, understanding, enthusiasm), and hard skills (project management, planning, stakeholder management, task division) to get the job done?

Theme 8: Combining metrics with emotions

How can you combine hard quantitative data with deep emotional customer insights? How do you perform research that provides you with both reliable and valid data? How do quantitative and qualitative researchers work in harmony to create the big picture? And where do you go from there: how do you go from data to insights to solutions?

In addition to these 8 themes we can provide your group with insights and cases regarding brand-driven innovation, service design, strategic design and innovation, and customer insight research. If you’re interested in a workshop around one of these themes, or would prefer a custom workshop tailored to your specific needs, please contact us.

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