Delicious, creamy plant based recipes with Big Island Creamery

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Big Island Creamery makes 100% local, vegan, and organic macadamia nut cheese, spreads, dips, and desserts and is now expanding to O’ahu!

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About Big Island Creamery:

90% of Hawaii’s food is imported which makes it particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and global events that might disrupt shipping and the food supply.

We founded Big Island Creamery in the summer of 2018. Our primary focus is to keep our ingredients local and transparent. This way, you always know what is in your food and where it comes from. We want to set a clear and robust counter point to the devastating import- heavy food economy across Hawai’i.

Our healthy creations represent a wide selection of cream cheese, pesto, and tzatziki dips, as well as delicious desserts such as cheesecakes, fudge, truffles, and mousse made entirely from locally grown, vegan, and organic ingredients.

Our vision is to see more and more businesses switching to local organic ingredients rather than having them shipped in from around the globe. The islands of Hawai’i offer such an abundance of healthy and tasty ingredients all year round, so we teamed up with local food growers and vendors and got the ball rolling. We started selling at farmers’ markets, followed by restaurants and grocery stores.

Our products are made 100% from locally-grown organic ingredients, and our containers and labels are 100% compostable. We worked our way into the local food industry by offering healthy plant-based alternatives to dairy products and coined the term “island-friendly”.

You can now find us at nine retailers on the Big Island, two farmer’s markets, and on the menus at eight restaurants. Our products will soon be found at retailers and restaurants across O’ahu. You can currently fix it at Celestial Natural Foods in Haleiwa.

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