Defining Event Marketing Success

showing event marketing success

How do event marketers define success? According to a recent study by Cvent, the metrics for event marketing success encompass financial results, event attendance, lead generation, overall awareness and post-event analysis, all aligned with the company’s overall business goals.

Alignment with Company Goals

The reason for an event should be tied to the goals of the company. Each event needs to show what it has achieved towards that goal. Event marketers need to focus on aligning their activities with the marketing department and the company’s overarching objectives.

Event Attendance

Measuring the total attendee draw is a natural gauge for event success. Higher attendee numbers have a trickle down effect as they can translate into more leads and greater event buzz.

Media Impact

The media metric has several component parts encompassing social media traffic and new followers generated; clicks and website visits; viewership for broadcast events such as sports and entertainment; and press coverage, both quantitative and qualitative.

Post-Event Surveys

These surveys can provide an accurate and timely read on the experiences and satisfaction levels of event attendees. The survey can also touch on other helpful areas such as likelihood to purchase.

Revenue and Lead Generation

Event attendees show buying signals through their actions at events. By tracking your attendees on-site and integrating their behavior back into CRM systems, event marketers can track the monetary impact of their programs.

Past Event Learnings

Event marketers are eager to understand and act upon insights from attendees at past events to continuously refine and improve their marketing at future events. The ROI calculated from an event can be helpful in budget setting for future events.

For more information about the event marketer role and its fit within the overall marketing function, please visit here.

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