data driven marketing meets brand storytelling

Digital Marketing keeps taking marketers by surprise with every new technological advancement and disruption. It is now a necessity for marketers to keep themselves abreast with cutting edge information spanning technology, strategy, consumer behavior, innovations, opportunities, and challenges. Did we hear anyone say overwhelming?!

Perhaps among the most dreaded on the list of ‘skills to master’ as a contemporary marketer is data-driven decision making. As marketers, we are all under pressure to transform into ‘data-driven’ marketers- unfortunately, not every marketer- even the good ones – take naturally to data and data-driven decision making. To us right-brained marketers, data feels like the anti-thesis of ‘gut-feel’. While we get that we need to ‘embrace the data’, it still feels intimidating to be expected to make decisions based on a bunch of numbers and statistics we don’t fully grasp; or what a machine recommends.

And that is where storytelling comes into the picture. Data visualization and storytelling is the great hope of marketers that don’t like dealing with facts through numbers.

Data and stories may seem at odds, but here are 2 ways they complement each other:

1. Drive a culture of data-driven decision-making by helping the team visualize and interpret: CMOs struggle with this all the time – no matter how many millions you invest in data analytics technology, or in managing customer databases for unified views – unless the data can be conveyed or shared with team members in a visual or otherwise ‘storified’ manner, it is difficult for (most) people to imagine action outcomes from a set of data points. The difference is context. Data reports are just numbers. Turning them into a story helps contextualize and gives room to add nuances to the story- something that can help everyone on the team do better with data-driven decision making.

2. Leveraging multiple customer data points to create personalized engagement and experiences: Data enables marketers to turn brand messages into compelling stories that customers (people) can relate to. Undoubtedly, data-driven marketers are winning today – but it is the ability to take the hard data, and create stories out of it – internally and externally – that will resonate with and set good marketers apart from the great ones. Managers who win tomorrow are the ones who can connect the data points through the art of storytelling.

If you are going to be in or around Boston this June 2018, (21 to 22 June, to be specific), and you haven’t quite wrapped your head around the connection between data and storytelling yet, then you have a great opportunity to hear it straight from the experts. Consider some of these sessions:

  • How to create stories through video content
  • Connecting data through the art of storytelling
  • Understanding Social Signals for Better Creative Storytelling
  • Data Analytics: Investigations and Storytelling
  • Build an emotional brand by powering your stories with a Digital Mindset
  • Should your marketing feel like one big story?

With its abundance of successful practitioners, the Summit seems like a great place to hear the stories that will make us lose our data inhibitions, once and for all. The speakers come loaded with credentials and we are excited to hear not just their stories but also to learn from their practical experiences. We also dig the fact that aside from the speaker sessions, there will be tons of opportunities for mutual brain-picking in the panel discussions, workshops and peer networking sessions.  See you in Boston!

Other stuff that caught our eye in the agenda include:

  • Managing strategy for brand reputation on all digital communities
  • Implementing consumer-focused marketing strategies to grow your brand
  • Humanizing Digital Behavior

The Digital Marketing Leader’s Summit, 2018 in Boston has a lineup of over 100 eminent speakers over 2 days. Aside from data and storytelling, the lineup will cover an extensive gamut of topics including Campaign Effectiveness, Measuring Marketing ROI, Native Advertisement and Smart Content, Influencer Marketing, Mobile and Video Marketing and many more. Get the entire speaker list here.

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