COVID-19 Safety Campaign Shares Message: “Not Pau Yet”

With COVID-19 infections seeing large spikes on O‘ahu, some of Hawai‘i’s musicians and artists are sharing “mask wearing” messages.  Creators say they hope the message reaches younger audiences who they say “may be disinclined to consistently adhere to safe practices.”

Produced by the Hawai‘i Department of Defense, the public service announcements feature the ladies of the Hawaiian musical group Nā Waiho‘olu‘u o ke Ānuenue, Kumu Hula Robert Cazimero, ‘ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and Hawaiian artist Brook Parker.  

The themes and messages in these PSAs are meant to encourage everyone in Hawai‘i to take appropriate measures during this pandemic, but also to say “thank you” to those who already have been wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining physical distance.

The catch phrase of “not pau yet” was used in all the videos. “Even when the curve flattens out, there is more to do. Hawaiʻi, we are not pau yet,” the campaign advises.

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