Councilor Micah Goodin speaks youth and sports

Councilor Micah Goodin who has the responsibility for Youths and Sports has always been vocal and passionate about youth advocacy.  Goodin told Love News he plans to use his position as a councilor to further assist with youth development for the country.

Micah Goodin Councilor Responsible for Youth & Sports: For the last eight years of my life have I been committed to Youth development in this country. I think for the first time ever I have an opportunity to practice what have been peaching. I have an opportunity to live my dream. I have an opportunity to be much more than a voice for young people. I have an opportunity to make the changes that I want to see in my city; though its limited there are some changes that I can make effective through the Belize City Council for example I have responsibility for Youth and Sports. Currently we have Sumer basketball tournament on going. This weekend we have play offs at the Belize Civic Center. For the last five weeks we have engaged 240 children from across the city. This weekend we are going to highlight their talents, we are going to show them off to the rest of the country and for that I want to invite people out. Additionally aside from that summer basketball tournament I want to focus on other areas. I want to look at football, I want to look at boxing, I want to look at cycling. I want to look at all the sports in existence and see how I can create the opportunities for young people to participate and for them to be engaged in sports.

The councilor also shared his plans and commitments for change among youths within the city which he aims to fulfill in his next three years.

Micah Goodin Counciler Responsible for Youth & Sports:While focusing on sports is good I also want to focus on youth. Youth governance; looking at how we can get young people to form a shadow Belize City Council where will have different children, different young people shadowing different councilors. We will have some of them shadowing the councilor responsible for traffic, the councilor responsible for sanitation, the councilor response for works, the Mayor. Its all about getting young people and children to see that; you live in this city. You can help us to create the city you want to live in. You can help us to make the city a better place. Its about getting them to see that their voices matter as well in the development of our city.

Goodin encourages everyone to come out this weekend at the Belize City Civic Center to show support to youths who are participating in a U-12 and U-15 basketball tournament. There are two teams representing each constituency within the City, and whichever team wins, each member receive trophies and a hundred and fifty dollars book grant for the school of their choice. Entrance is free.

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