Councilmember Sugimura Announces Formation of Axis Deer Task Force

Axis deer, file photo courtesy The Nature Conservancy and DLNR.

Councilmember Yuki lei Sugimura, in partnership with Mayor Michael Victorino, announced the formation of a Maui Axis Deer Task Force to address the growing impacts of feral deer across the island.

During Mayor Victorino’s news conference yesterday, Councilmember Sugimura stated that the task force will consist of a diverse group of individuals representing government agencies at the local, state and federal levels, as well as the Maui County Farm Bureau, ranchers, veterinarians and hunters among others.

“The mission of this group is to manage and control the axis deer problem and to find more resources and funding,” Sugimura shared during the news conference. 

The task force will convene for its initial meeting during the next month to go over shared goals and objectives.  The task force will also set a schedule for future meetings at that time.  More information will be shared following the group’s initial meeting. 

With several groups having taken on this topic in the past, Sugimura said the 2021 group looks to build off past efforts and explore attainable solutions moving forward. 

Sugimura holds the Maui County Council seat for the Upcountry residency area.

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