Councilmember Seeks Input on Upcountry Maui Axis Deer and Feral Animals

Deer at Makawao, file photo courtesy The Nature Conservancy.

Upcountry Councilmember Yuki Lei Sugimura is seeking to further address the struggle to control axis deer and feral animals, which has posed a challenge to Maui’s farmers, ranchers and residents who are faced with loss of crops or property damage.

Sugimura invites anyone with ideas or comments to submit them by Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021 at 11 a.m. Comments can be submitted via:

  • Email:;
  • Phone: (808) 270-7939; or
  • Google form:

“I’ve heard from many residents, farmers and watershed programs throughout Maui who have had crop loss, property damage and seen an increase in the numbers of axis deer increase every year. As a Kula resident I have seen and experienced it first hand. We need to increase our efforts and find new pathways forward,” said Councilmember Sugimura.  

“My staff and I will be going through the comments and concerns, to help formulate a discussion with government agencies and partners to educate us and direct our efforts. We hope that by working together we can try and find some solutions.”  

Sugimura also announced the County Department of Housing and Human Concerns on Jan. 13 released a request for proposals for Feral Animal Control Programs. More information and how-to apply can be found here.

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