Content Marketing Dashboard (Built in Google Sheets)

I realize there are plenty of apps, both paid and free, which does what I just built. However, I needed something that will have everything all in one place without me having to tab from one screen to the next. So I came up with a simple google sheet solution.

This solution helps with 4 phases that all content marketers go through:

  • Content Brainstorming & Planning: We all have ideas and need a place to jot those ideas down while prioritizing which is most important
  • Scheduling and Promotion:Once content is published, you need to track where you intend to promote your content.
  • Analytics:Most content marketers who are just beginning don’t understand the importance of analytics and how important it is to track your data. Moreover, they don’t understand the role of UTM implementation when promoting said content. And furthermore, they don’t understand that if you don’t have a central place to track all of your UTM links, then it gets really messy very quickly. This solves that issue.
  • Content Distribution: Outside of the usual Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter posts, there are many other places to promote and distribute your content. This tracks those other sites.

If you feel this can be improved with additional features, please comment below and I’ll keep that in mind when I have time to iterate on the dashboard.

Brainstorm and jot down all of your content marketing ideas. Sort and prioritize accordingly

List and track all of your UTM links in a central depository while easing your Google Analytics burden. Now there’s no reason to forget which UTM tracker does what.

Plan when you intend to post and promote your content across multiple social media platforms. Also has a column where you can assign posting duties to your assistant or employee

Track which sites, blogs, and community forums, you intend to promote your content.

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