Cockfighting Investigation on Moloka‘i Nets Two Arrests

Maui police say an investigation into an illegal cockfighting operation on Molokaʻi last month netted two arrests.

A Maui Police Department spokesperson said the arrests stem from an enforcement effort that took place on May 8, 2021.

Further details are pending release, as an investigation is ongoing at this time. 

“The news of the Molokaʻi police’s arrest underscores the fact that cockfighting runs rampant in Hawaiʻi. We applaud the Molokaʻi authorities for weeding out this toxic criminal behavior, and we hope that prosecutors will throw the book at these rogue abusers,” said Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action, an organization based in Washington D.C. that is focused on preventing cruelty to animals.

“Where there’s cockfighting there’s often more dangerous criminal activity and the US Department of Justice should enforce the federal statutes and make an example out of  those cited for cockfighting-related violations. This isn’t Ancient Rome, it’s 2021 and no civilized society should tolerate this form of staged cruelty. Fighting gamecocks to the death is reprehensible,” said Irby.

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