CNHA is here to help jumpstart your businesses

Sponsored by Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

The KūHana Business Program is a program dedicated to helping local Native Hawaiian business owners focus on reinvesting in themselves. They help to develop business plans that can be presented to banks, investors, and friends and family who want to see them grow. “They go through a grueling, intense 10-week program. They have so much growth throughout the program. I am so proud of what they are able to walk away with,” says Max Mukai, Program Manager at KūHana Business.

Businesses in the early stages of development between 1-5 years are perfect for the program. CNHA looks for small underground businesses that have some operational experience. They work with senior citizens, Native Hawaiian focused businesses, and minority businesses.

Under the KūHana umbrella, CNHA is rolling out their Ka’ohi training seminar, perfect for those who want to start a business but don’t know how. It’s a low pressure, comfortable space that teaches individuals the next steps, and ultimately prepares them for the KūHana Program.

The Trades Academy Program started in 2019 and serves to develop new skills in people who do not have college degrees. The program lasts 8-14 weeks and focuses on one specific skill. It’s a fully immersive course that teaches individuals all they need to know about a trade to enter the work force. Anyone can register for the Trades Academy Program, but CNHA gives preference to Native Hawaiians, women, and people without college degrees.

If you are interested in participating in any of these programs, please visit or for more information.

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