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Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks Preview

It’s time to get your extra buttery popcorn ready, a new series of Hard Knocks covering the Cleveland Browns will be airing on August 7th to give us an in-depth look at this team.

But what exactly should we expect?

When you’re watching the episodes, pay close attention to how the team gets along. Team bonding and chemistry are just one of the many keys to success in this league. If a team doesn’t have camaraderie, it can turn into a mess and divide the locker room, but that shouldn’t be the case with this team. From the videos and tweets Browns players have posted on social media, they all seem to be on board with the current plan and act as if they’re family.

Keep in mind that Hard Knocks may try and create a controversy or position battle that doesn’t exist. Much of the spotlight will be pointed at Tyrod Taylor and the rookie, Baker Mayfield. Between the two, clips of heated “battles” will be shown when there really isn’t one. Browns head coach, Hue Jackson, has already stated that Tyrod Taylor will be the starter for the season. Of course, barring injury or Jackson succumbing to the pressure of the fans and organization if they get off to real rocky start.

Let’s hope that this scenario doesn’t happen this year.

Personally, I’m most interested in how Hue Jackson is with his team. Does he instill confidence in his players and do they respect him? After two miserable seasons and a record of 1-31 as Cleveland’s head coach. He may not be a great (or even average) coach, but the players do like him. From what they tell us, at least.

Unfortunately, Josh Gordon will be missing in action during the entire series due to complications off-field. His absence is a defensive gesture to get extra counseling to try to ensure he does not have any of the setbacks that he’s had in the past. According to the NFL, Gordon has not failed a drug test or been suspended.

The question just happens to be, when will he be back?

Well, if he doesn’t report to the Browns by Tuesday (8/7/18), he won’t be eligible for restricted free agency until 2020, at the earliest. Some people say he’s holding out for a new contract or the team is keeping him away from the spotlight so the pressure and spotlight don’t get to him.

Below is a tweet from Gordon briefly explaining his disappearance. What do you guys think of this? Leave a comment below.

— Flash Gordon (@JOSH_GORDONXII) July 23, 2018

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