City Mill on the difference between power drills and impact drivers

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Power tools are essential tools every homeowner should have, especially if you’re planning some overdue DIY projects! HI Now host Kainoa Carlson is with City Mill’s Facilities Manager Ross Inouye to learn about the difference between power drills and impact drivers.

A power drill is an adjustable-speed tool that drills and drives in fasteners. On the other hand, an impact driver is more compact and lightweight by design. It also has more torque than a power drill. Brands such as DeWalt and Makita often offer a combo with both a drill and an impact driver.

Inouye says drills are typically used to drill holes and drive in screws and other small fasteners. These are a great choice for quick projects around the home. Impact drivers also screw in fasteners, but it uses much more force. That makes these tools perfect for longer fasteners or if you need more force while drilling through thick wood or metal.

City Mill carries a wide variety of products to help with all of your household needs! From jobs big to small, you can do them all. So next time you’re at one of the store’s many locations, be sure to check out the power tools department. All of the products demonstrated during this segment are available at all City Mill locations and at

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