City Mill educates on how to use cordless Dremel rotary tool

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Designed with beginning hobbyists and homeowners in mind, the Dremel Lite is a user-friendly solution for a wide range of DIY projects. From cleaning, engraving, sharpening and more, Dremel Lite is the go-to cordless tool compatible with the entire line of Dremel rotary accessories.

The Dremel Lite comes with 10 different tools and a carrying case to keep everything organized. It’s conveniently powered by an efficient USB system that holds it’s charge for an extended amount of time. The four different speed settings offer better control, and the soft lightweight grip makes it easy and comfortable to use!

Using the grinder stone attachment, Dremel Lite can sharpen, sand, or polish old gardening tools. With the holidays right around the corner, use the Dremel Lite to spice up your gift by adding some engraved details. Don’t forget to be safe and always use protective eyewear!

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