City council delays decision on license for Vixen’s Erotic Sports Bar

City council delays decision on license for Vixen’s Erotic Sports Bar

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City council delays decision on license for Vixen's Erotic Sports Bar

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita City Council was unable to come to a decision in a hearing about the renewal of an entertainment license for Vixen’s Erotic Sports Bar after it was denied by police.  

The entertainment license for the bar located at 212 W. Harry Street expired on Sept. 1 and the owner, Jeran Trotter was notified by Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay that the license would not be renewed. 

A county deputy and Wichita officers were just some of the people who took the stand at the appeal hearing.

Officers testified about incidents this year at the bar including a time when employees and bouncers would not open the front door when officers identified themselves. Video of this incident was shown to the council. 

Investigators with Wichita police said they made the denial request after undercover officers said they witnessed public nudity three times in the month of August as part of a prostitution investigation. Lt. Travis Easter said the investigation was launched after a Vixen’s employee posted an ad on the website, Backpage and agreed to meet an undercover officer at the bar. Lt. Easter said the bar was not on investigators’ radar before they found the post. 

Trotter’s attorney, Chris O’Hara, called two undercover officers to the stand as witnesses, but Mayor Jeff Longwell would not allow it because of their undercover status. 

Lt. Easter said the investigation combined with the deadly shooting on Aug. 13, 2018 and another in June outside of the bar are why the appeal for the license renewal should be denied. 

O’Hara said the accusations are false and the letter the police chief sent to Trotter was not detailed with the specific allegations. 

“This just seemed to be something that happened multiple times in August of this year, and it seems to be done for the reason of trying to shut this business down,” O’Hara said. “What we think he’s entitled to is due-process and that’s notice and opportunity to be heard.”

O’Hara said his client should also get the chance to fix the issues that police say his business violated. 

“If there’s issues that they think are going on with his establishment, why don’t they just come and tell us and tell him?” O’Hara said. “Tell him if there’s something to correct, he can just correct it. He’s done that before. There were issues with the door, he’s corrected it. The fire department said there were other issues he had, which came out during the hearing, and they gave him a time period to correct it and he corrected it.”

After deliberation, Mayor Longwell said the council had not reached a decision and requested to see the video and reports presented at the hearing within the next week. 

Mayor Longwell will also allow the defense to call in rebuttal witnesses at the next hearing. 

The city council has 30 days to reach a decision. 

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