Childhood memories inspire nostalgic flavors at Little Vessels Donut Co.

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If you haven’t seen Little Vessels Donut Co. on Instagram, you’re missing out on some serious eye candy. And the sweet treats taste phenomenal too! The square-shaped donuts are inspired by delicious childhood treats and the way donuts can transport people back to fond memories and experiences. Little Vessels hopes its donuts do the same and also aims to create new, happy memories through its unique flavors

Little Vessels Donut Co. is owned and operated by Sachi Maclachlan, an East Coast raised life long vegetarian. The plant-based donut company located in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. Founded in September 2020, it specializes in handmade, small-batch, yeast leavened donuts. After spending 10 years in the film industry in New York City, Maclachlan moved to Hawaii in 2019. A year later, as the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she started Little Vessels Donut Co.

Little Vessels are 100 percent vegan and made with coconut milk, coconut oil, and no eggs.

“Think classic donut shop donuts, with a process that involves the dough to ferment, rise, and proof over 12 hours, creating a fluffy texture,” Maclachlan says.

Maclachlan herself loves flavors that are sweet and tart, so some of the favorites she’s created are the Lemon Black Sesame and Cranberry Calamansi.

“My whole life I have wanted to be my own boss, and I wanted to own my very own café where I created foods and flavors from my childhood memories and experiences,” she begins. “I was always very intimidated by the prospect of starting a business. When the pandemic hit, I found myself questioning my apprehensions and chose to fight my fears. I went for it!”

For Maclachlan, revisiting core memories of tasting foods for the first time or hearing stories associated with childhood treats really inspires her creative process. She also says she loves getting to work at 2 a.m. on the weekend.

“It’s just me and my dough in a quiet kitchen, my headphones on, and a whole day of donut making ahead!” she says. “Another notable favorite is the moment I meet customers. All orders are pre-ordered, and I have names attached to boxes. So when I step out to hand over the boxes, I match faces to names and often share really special moments.”

Maclachlan hopes to one day soon open her own brick and mortar shop in Kaimuki.

Be sure to follow @littlevesselsco on Instagram for the latest specials and to place your orders!

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