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Ginseng is a root that’s harvested after 5-6 years. Most people shy away from ginseng regardless of its many health benefits due to its taste. Yasam helps to make ginseng taste better by blending it with palmyra palm jaggery, a palm tree syrup that helps create a smooth, sweet mixture. Combine Yasam with club soda, milk, or yogurt to create a healthy, delicious snack to start your morning!

Beauty Touch also has many beauty products, including their Kahi Multi Balm. This product has 50 SPF sunblock protection and is great for areas where wrinkles start to develop. It’s very easy to apply on the face and does not leave any wet residue behind. It’s also great to use over makeup. Kahi Multi Balm is the perfect product for a day out in the sun, or a night out in town!

With the spread of COVID-19, Beauty Touch carries N-94 face masks that come in different fashionable colors. Unlike most disposable masks, these N-94 masks can be worn for multiple days before being discarded. They also provide great protection, being only one step behind the top grade N-95 masks.

Visit Beauty Touch today at inside the Honolulu or Waipahu Don Quijote!

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