Cesar Gaxiola Marks 15 Years as Executive Director of Cameron Center

Cesar Gaxiloa has served 15 years as the Excutive Director of the J. Walter Cameron Center in Wailuku. Photo Courtesy: Cameron Center

Cesar Gaxiola celebrates 15 years as Executive Director of the J. Walter Cameron Center, home to 18 non-profit agencies on Maui.

Gaxiola’s responsibilities include day-to-day management of the agency, coordinating the overall activities of the center, including the fiscal management of all resources and liaison among the non-profit agencies housed in the center at 95 Mahalani St. in Wailuku.

Prior to the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the center’s resident agencies served an estimated 30,000 low- and moderate-income individuals and hosted 40,000 people at the center’s meeting facilities. More than 100 programs and services, and 600 workshops, seminars and trainings are hosted at the center annually.

With grants from government agencies, foundations and private donors throughout the years, the center has completed large energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation and safety projects for the facilities. This has enabled The Cameron Center to minimize costs for the non-profit agencies housed there.

“Guiding the Cameron Center through the demands placed upon us by the pandemic has been the challenge of my career,” Gaxiola said. “Without the help of our resident agencies, the community, our board of directors and our funders we would not have been able to survive. Even now we are working to eliminate a $1.4 million backlog in capital improvement projects necessary for the health and safety of the clients who use our services.

“I look forward to bringing the Cameron Center back to our pre-pandemic levels of service and outreach to the community we serve.”

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