Central Maui Landfill Greenwaste Disposal Canceled on Sundays

The last day for the acceptance of residential greenwaste on Sundays at the Central Maui Landfill will be on Sunday, June 28, the Department of Environmental Management announced.

The end of Sunday greenwaste disposal at the landfill begins in July and comes after the Maui County Council deleted operational funds and eliminated two positions for the Central Maui Landfill Sunday greenwaste program.

“Last year, I proposed opening the Central Maui Landfill on Sundays for residential refuse disposal, but that was not approved by the Council, which then decided to allow greenwaste disposal on Sundays as a pilot program,” Mayor Victorino said. “I’m disappointed the County Council decided to delete this program after only four months of providing the additional day of service for residents who want to dispose of lawn clippings and other greenwaste on a Sunday.”

Greenwaste continues to be accepted for a fee at Kihei Compost, and it can be disposed of Monday through Saturday at Central Maui Landfill.

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