Celebrate National Margarita Day with this classic cocktail recipe

For many, the weekend isn’t complete without a cocktail in hand. February 22 marks National Margarita Day, so HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kaiona Carlson are getting an early start on the celebration by learning how to make the classic drink. Jen Len, beverage director at MW Restaurant, is back in the HI Now kitchen with the recipe.

Len says if you’re making margaritas at home, the drink is really easy to customize based on your favorite flavors or whatever you might have in the fridge.

“At home, you can have fun with it because tequila just plays so well with so many fruits, so many herbs and vegetables,” she begins. “It’s just so food friendly, right? And that’s why you kind of end up having one, five or ten… too many!”

Len says the margarita was invented by a great bartender in Mexico and he named it after a dancer. Translated into English, margarita also means “daisy,” and Len says there is a daisy family of cocktails. This includes orange liqueur, which is normally used in a daisy-style cocktail.

The classic margarita recipe Len is preparing today uses agave syrup, orange liqueur, fresh squeezed lime juice, and tequila. The fresh squeezed lime juice acts as the margarita mix you might buy at the store, but Len says making your own really levels up your margarita and gives it that fresher taste. That and spending a little extra on a more quality tequila. Your body will thank you later!

Put all of this into a shaker with ice, mix it up, then serve and enjoy! Len likes to garnish her margaritas with a lime wheel.

“Super simple,” she says. “Like I said, add strawberries, or add cilantro, add chili, add li hing mui powder! It just goes with everything.”

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