Cater your next party from 7-Eleven

Sponsored by 7-Eleven Hawaii

Senior Category Manager Debbie Lee Soon is here to share 7-Eleven’s wide range of food in their catering program! Their Ohana Packs are perfect for tailgates, potlucks, and any party occasion. The large packs feed 10-12 people while their smaller packs feed 4-6.

The fried saimin is amazing with a plethora of toppings including char siu, kamaboko, eggs, and green onions. Just pour the delicious dashi sauce over the top and you’re ready to grind! They also have crispy karaage mochiko chicken, chef’s salad, spam musubi, sushi, and pork/shrimp hash!

Place an order 2 days ahead and pick up your freshly made platter at any of their 65 locations across Hawaii! So, what are you waiting for? With the holiday seasons right around the corner, where better to cater from than 7-Eleven!

Order online at or visit them in-store!

For more information: Facebook and Instagram @7elevenhi, Twitter @7elevenhawaii

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