Case Study: Ecommerce Website Sales Up 27% With Marketing 360®

The Supply Cache sells wildland firefighting gear online.  They’ve worked with Marketing 360® for a little over a year and seen sales increase by 27%.  Here’s owner Scott Reimann with a review of his experience.

Scott makes a very good point at the beginning of this video.  You can have a functional website and solid offering, but if people aren’t finding you through search engines, you’re surely missing sales opportunities.

He caught clues because SEO marketing companies were cold calling him.  But he didn’t hire any of them – which is a good choice.  (You have to wonder how good an SEO company is at SEO if they have to cold call leads.)

Instead, he did a search of his own and found Marketing 360®.  We took over his paid search and SEO work, with the result being an overall 27% increase in sales with exceptional growth in conversions from search channels.

The two channels that have really grown for this company are organic search (Natural Listing Ads®) and the brand channel.

Here is a comparison of the last 180 (period 1) to the previous 180 days (period 2) through this channel:

  • 69.78% increase in conversions
  • 23.04% improvement in conversion rate
  • 86.51% decrease in cost per conversion

There top performing organic keywords are both brand and product based, with strong traffic and click-through rates:

Scott also correctly notes that sales increase not just through product search, but also people the marketing “grabbed and flagged” as he puts it.

When this happens, we see growth in the brand channel, which is evident with Supply Cache.  Traffic through brand channels is up 41.52% and conversions are up 57.46%.

Marketing, in its simplest form, is the act of connecting a commercial product to the people who want to buy it.  That’s what’s happening for The Supply Cache through their work with Marketing 360®.

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