Cameron Center Installs Electric Charging Stations to Combat Climate Change

Electricians Dominic Sardinha (left) and Ronald Masuda (Right) from Lite Electric installing the charging stations for electric vehicles at the Cameron Center. PC: courtesy

The Cameron Center has installed two commercial grade-smart EV charging stations that are both now fully operational.

The new stations replace earlier versions installed and operated by the Hitachi Corporation in a pilot project on Maui to expand charging station availability. Hitachi is no longer involved in the project.

The stations were installed by Lite Electric, located in Wailuku.

Existing state law requires that any establishment with 100 or more parking spaces must install electric charging stations.

In 2019, greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles were the largest contributor of US greenhouse emissions, accounting for roughly 29% of the total US greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2020 Hawai’i State Data Book found 148,660 total passenger vehicles in Maui County, but of that only 1,600 were electric vehicles, or 1.1%.

According to a report by CNBC, one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is America’s charging network. There are roughly 136,400 gas stations in the US, but just 43,800 EV charging stations, according to the Department of Energy. It also takes about 10 minutes to fill a car with a tank of gas, but about 45 minutes to fully charge an EV, sometimes longer. Charging times are expected to be reduced in the future.

Cesar Gaxiola, executive director of the J. Walter Cameron Center made the announcement, saying the center is pleased to be a part of the effort to combat climate change, provide electric vehicle charging stations and provide an environmentally safe way for the public to travel.

Click here to learn how to charge your vehicle.

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