CalMed Hawaii offers breastfeeding resources for moms

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Mothers know that nursing your children provides the best health benefits, but it isn’t always an easy task, and the experience can change from child to child. CalMed Hawaii offers breastfeeding resources and support for new and experienced mothers.

“Breastmilk has everything that babies need for nutrition, and breastmilk includes antibodies that no formula has,” says Jodie Dresel, a registered nurse and an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. “These antibodies give baby passive immunity for a lifetime of health.”

Dresel is experienced in working with birth and lactation for over 20 years in hospitals and clinics both on the mainland and in Hawaii. She says breast milk provides protection against childhood cancer, diabetes, asthma, allergies, ear infections, upper respiratory disease, GI illnesses.

“Formula has no antibodies or passive immunity,” Dresel explains. “That said, babies that are not breastfed are at higher risk for illness and disease.”

When it comes to feeding your baby, finding the correct breast pump is very important. For example, some moms need a hands-free pump or a pump that doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall so they can pump on the go. Some moms may even need hospital grade pumps if baby is in the NICU.

“Every family is unique,” Dresel says. “The most important thing is having a pump that is convenient for mom that fits her needs.”

Dresel says pumps are covered by most insurance companies and many moms select a pump with doing little research. She recommends looking at the pumps offered by your insurance company in to find the right one for you.

CalMed Hawaii offers breastfeeding classes, prenatal lactation consults to prepare families for breastfeeding and breastfeeding support groups for after baby is born.

“We provide many resources and evidence-based information on our website to help families get off to a great start breastfeeding and information on pumping as well,” Dresel adds. “We have a resource list for help and consults after the baby is born.”

For more resources and information on breast pumps and breastfeeding, families can visit

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