Business Signs – Gaining Mileage in Branding Marketing


Any visitor to Southern California will surely not miss the sight of huge white letters sprawling on the hillside declaring the memorable landmark – Hollywood.  The landmark signage that has been etched in the hearts of billions across the world is perhaps the last word in monument signs. Business signages have remained an integral part of business advertising because of its immense powers in increasing awareness about businesses.  Although signages announce the existence of the business, it also plays an important role in building the brand. In addition to building brands, signages also help to communicate different types of messages for business with customers.  Retail businesses, in particular, find business signages highly useful for attracting customers and driving sales.

Public display of signages declares the existence of the business, but it is just one of its many uses. Besides business, signages also have wide application in other walks of life as it serves the purpose of informing people about important building and landmarks. Whether it is a shopping center or church, an entertainment and amusement park or medical center, a museum or art gallery everywhere you would come across signages.  Bold graphics that display the name of the place help people to identify the place easily.  Different kinds of signages with different purpose help to pass on information that people they find useful in some ways.

Signages can make your business stand apart

Signages are part of any marketing and branding plan because of its powers in making your business stand out from the rest.  By using creative and attractive signages, it is possible to etch the business and brand name into the hearts of customers who can quickly relate to the products or services.  Attractive signages leave such deep impact in the minds of customers that they even if they are unable to recount the name of the business they have no difficulty in relating with it by referring to signages. Signages can be both exterior and interior types. The monument signages used for outdoor publicity are huge installations that essentially depict the business address, and it is a declaration to the public that they have come to the right place.

The importance of monument signages

Monument signages welcome customers at the business address, and it is essential for retail business because of its powers in influencing customers to enter the store.  It plays a critical role in overcoming the last hurdle that marks the beginning of a relationship with customers. Exterior signages help to create the most important first impression of customers that provoke them to explore how they could benefit from the business offerings.   The design of signages has to be such that it creates a sense of compulsion to visit the store. It does not mean that just by looking at signage for the first time people would rush to the store, but it could be that after a few repeated encounters with the signage, they would feel the urge to see what awaits them inside.

Business-friendly features of signages

While the design and content of signages are essential for generating a positive response from viewers, the location of the signages is equally important from the visibility perspective. Signages have to be clearly visible and the content easily readable so that it takes the least time for customers to consume the message. Usually, people on the go have a quick glance at signages, and the attention span is just for a few seconds within which the message has to reach them.  The task is not easy but neither it is too difficult to achieve provided you adhere to the best practices of signage making.

Sidewalks, entrances and window signs or awnings are the ideal places for outdoor signages. Position the signages in a way so that both drive-by and walk-by customers get a full view of it. Besides inviting customers, outdoor signages have to carry enough hints about what awaits them once they visit the store. The ideal signage should be inviting as well as enticing.

Mistakes to avoid in designing business signage

Knowingly or unknowingly, people commit some mistakes in creating signages for a business that you should avoid. Be assertive without saying too much but avoid the pitfall to understating.  Signages are not cheap, especially if you want to express your business in the right way and you should allocate a decent budget for it.  Be thrifty with words in creating the message because including too many information would distract the viewers’ attention. Place the signage at a convenient height but not higher than the windshield height of moving vehicles.  Tall signages are good for freeways as it enhances visibility from a distance and for in-town signages, low height works well.

Best practices in retail signage

To create the most impacting signage, you have to learn about the best practices and adhere to it. It will help to avoid mistakes and provide the right returns for the business.

  • Maintain simplicity – The message of the sign should be clear and easy to read so that you can convey the message in just under 5 seconds. The message should be simple, neither too scanty nor overloaded with words, as it can create a distraction and be a cause for viewers losing interest and abandoning it. For the right effect, you can replace words with signs.
  • Provide specific information – To make things easy for viewers, include specific instructions based on location and provide all relevant information related to the product. This is more applicable for indoor signages when you want to guide customers towards some specific products.
  • Use headline text – Just as headlines convey a lot while being concise and simple, create your message along similar lines. Shed unwanted words and prepositions stick to the ones that have the ability to make customers move.
  • Call to action – The goal of any sign is to drive customers to buy something for which, include a call to action in the message.

Stepping into the shoes of the customers can make the task of designing signages much easy as you would better know what should work well.

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