Business Process Management & Modeling – Optimize business processes

The need for business portfolio management 

Business process management helps organizations become more efficient by analyzing and carrying out improvements to their business processes. This can involve modeling a number of different scenarios and, in more mature practices, monitoring the process landscape for continuous optimization. By treating BPM as an ongoing activity rather than a one-time initiative, the enterprise is more likely to function as efficiently as possible at any one time because change is implemented gradually, with les disruption. Effective business process management leads to less waste, reduces the incidence of errors, and ultimately gives your organization a competitive advantage via superior products and services. 

BiZZdesign’s solution for superior business processes 

The BiZZdesign suite supports BPM practitioners by offering them an intuitive, feature-rich modeling interface that expedites work while ensuring a high-quality diagramming. Through features such as object reuse, smart connector utility, and diagram auto-generation, to name a few, the platform makes modelers more productive and frees them up to engage in additional activities. Users also have access to support for a range of modeling languages such BPMN, ArchiMate, UML and others. Features for Lean process improvement support teams in optimizing their processes on the job. Customer journeys and business outcome journeys help you enhance the customer experience and end-to-end value creation in the enterprise. 

What’s more, the BiZZdesign suite creates a more collaborative environment for business process modelers thanks to its unified storage location and built-in workflow engine. The latter can be used with great success to send automatic approval notifications asking for a specific action from a senior BPM stakeholder whenever, say, a business process is changed. This safeguards the integrity of the content in the repository and ensures its status as a single source of truth for the entire organization. Lastly, powerful analyses and the capability to navigate from processes to the capabilities or technology components they’re related to delivers a holistic approach to business process improvement. 

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