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A number of states in the USA have passed legislation that legalizes the use of marijuana for medical use. There are also some states that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purpose as well. However, state laws have been enacted to determine who could be eligible to buy, sell and cultivate marijuana. The state also considers the circumstances under which pot can be bought, sold and cultivated. Illegal use or possession or marijuana are considered federal crimes and this is the reason everyone must ensure that they are in compliance with the local and state laws.

To understand the laws that surround this medically used drug, you can consider attending a business conference for pot. Efforts are being made to educate people about this drug that is now widely accepted within the medical community. If you comply with the laws, you can prevent yourself from being prosecuted.

A business conference for pot is valuable for those people who want to start their own pot businesses as well as those who are looking to get information about this drug and perhaps its importance in the medical field. Serious problems with the federal laws can be averted by making sure that you comply with the local and state laws.

Cannabis Institute Mission

Welcome to Washington’s first & best Cannabis Institute, est Nov, 2012 While new “Training Institutes” or “Workshops” have been popping up everywhere lately, WCI remains the trusted source of information and business education for I502 businesses in Washington state

Our goal is to help you get ahead of the I502 curve and help you position yourself for success.  At WCI you can:

  • Take seminars from cannabis attorneys & accountants who specialize in I 502 marijuana business.
  • Take Private consultations for I502 laws.
  • We will help you understand and comply with the I502 regulations and licensing requirements for retailers, processors and producers.
  • Choose the correct corporate structure for the I-502 commercial retail or medical marijuana business.
  • Get expert marijuana cultivation training.
  • We’ll introduce you to industry professionals like attorneys, accountants, 420 insurance agents, cannabis testing labs, bankers, seed-to-sale software, merchant accounts, and many more.
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