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At 59 years old I have had 25 years plus in the small business environment, I have been successful in building from a start up and also buying a going concern and developing the business to succesful profitable levels. These tips are based on my own journey between the age of 40-50. My aim in choosing this subject will hopefully help any small business to succeed and miss the pit falls of failure.

Back to basics

  • Drives home time management
  • Encourages planning
  • It can be painfull
  • Always promotes growth

In our modern world of small business, we sometimes end up doing non income producing activities. We think because we are answering our mobile, looking at and sending E mails along with any other E media that takes our time, we are busy and producing BUT are we ? We find if we analise what we are achieving, if we are totally honestwith ourselves that 80% of being busy actually distracts us away from the basics of growing our business.

When we start to manage our time, ( and where mobiles are concerned our staffs as well ) If we return to the basics of our business, creating new customers , promoting our brand and making sure our business voice is heard. If we get rid of all the other distractions we end up with a plan for growth !!This may mean we send E mails, make phone calls or boost your brand on Facebook BUT THESE ARE NOW INCOME PRODUCING. Can we delegate off the distracting stuff to other members of staff or we can deal with them outside of income producing hours.

Going back to basics can be really painful, especially if we are brutally honestwith our selves. It can highlight our weakness’s that sometimes we know what they are but avoid them because we may fearthem. It can make us take action. For instance we may have a member of staff that is always on their mobile, we don’t want to upset them by confrontation, sometime’s we can be angry inside over an issue with staff and we are not quite sure how to deal with it. However if we don’t the situation will get worse. WE MUST TAKE ACTION.

Finally we will find if we go back to the basics of our business, the prime objetive of our business: growth and profit. When we have drilled down and understood this we will find that growth will follow , it may only be small initially but, what if we go back to basics at the end of each month? if we go back to the issues we have just covered each month, growth is the only option if we analise, be honest and implement. We can also look at this subject and apply it to our team. We can sit down with each key member of staff and take them back to basics of why they are employed and what they are paid to achieve. If we take the time to do this, the results can only be better productivity from staff and all the team focused on growth and profit, the basics of any enterprise.

I am happy and fulfilled person, I have a property business and an online business. I have learnt to serve others ( as I hope I am doing now ) respect others for what they are trying to achieve no matter how big or small their ambition. I work on my attitude each day and look to help anyone I can on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogg, please share like or comment.

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