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Just Askin’ | Bumping up business?

Photo by: Ben Zigterman/The News-Gazette

The new bumpout installed at the intersection of Taylor and Walnut streets is seen Thursday, June 28, 2018, in front of The Blind Pig Co. in downtown Champaign.

Q: Will the extra sidewalk space created by the new bumpout in downtown Champaign help Blind Pig Co.?

A: Owner Chris Knight thinks so.

“I’m thrilled to see it,” he said in a phone interview from France.

The city is adding a “bumpout” at the intersection of Taylor and Walnut streets in front of the Blind Pig Co., as well as at the intersections of Neil and Clark streets and Logan and Walnut streets.

The city is adding the bumpouts to make it easier to cross the streets.

“Bumpouts are not added to provide more seating,” said Kris Koester, spokesman for the city’s public works department. “Bumpouts are added to allow pedestrians crossing the street to step out and to see around the vehicles that are parked on the side of the street, mostly used on busy streets with lots of mixed traffic. Bumpouts also give pedestrians a shorter distance that they have to cross, thus making the crosswalk safer.”

Knight wasn’t sure if the bump out would give the bar more patio seating, but was still happy about the change, comparing it to similar bumpouts south of the Esquire and in front of V.Picasso and Guido’s.

“You can now walk along the sidewalk and take a leisurely stroll without bumping into lampposts and trees,” he said. “With the narrow sidewalk, it’s difficult to have people strolling by and have tables and chairs.”

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