Book Feature: A Rainbow Like You explores power of hope through color-blind musician and teen runaway

Inspired by a lifetime of chasing her favorite bands around the globe, award-winning TV producer turned fiction writer Andréa Fehsenfeld releases her second novel, A Rainbow Like You, a redemptive rock and roll odyssey about facing the music in a way you never have before. HI Now got the chance to speak with Fehsenfeld about the book and her inspiration.

Set against the backdrop of a touring rock band, A Rainbow Like You tells the tale of Adrian ‘Jazzer’ Johnson, a revered musician who finds himself at a creative crossroads. When he discovers teen runaway Hastings Sinclair hiding in his tour bus, it’s the last thing he needs. As it turns out, Hastings knows a thing or two about music but in a very different way. A synesthete who can see music in color, when she offers to help color-blind Adrian unpack his creative block, it upends their lives in ways they never imagined.

“The pressure cooker environment of being on tour was the perfect high stakes backdrop for a novel,” Fehsenfeld says. “Life on the road can rip apart someone’s world. It’s a nomadic, isolating existence, punctuated with extreme highs and lows. Relationships are constantly under strain. Braiding a struggling rock and roll icon and a mysterious teen runaway into those potent elements felt like a winning combination.”

The novel was recently called a Best Book of 2020 by award-winning author and CBC personality Grant Lawrence, and it taps into a life long passion of Fehsenfeld’s which also involves travel.

“I caught the concert bug as a teenager and ever since have travelled the world to see my favorite bands,” she says. “I love live music – all the rituals. The excitement of buying tickets, the anticipation, the night of the show, when the lights go down on stage. It’s such a positive vibe. And so many people have great stories and adventures around concerts. They generate lifelong memories.”

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A TV producer/writer with a passion for first class entertainment, Andréa Fehsenfeld has delivered over 200 TV commercials, series and movies for Fortune 500 companies, major networks and global brands. A lifelong book lover, in 2016 she channeled storytelling skills into fiction writing. A Rainbow Like You is her second novel. Her debut novel, Completion, is being adapted for television.

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