Board of Water Supply and partners work to manage watershed resources

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Amy Tsuneyoshi is a co-creator of the Watershed Program and is the connection between the Board of Water Supply and Watershed partnerships. The program collaborates with their partners to take on projects like invasive species control, habitat or ecosystem restoration, and also help in preventative measures for wildfires.

The Board of Water Supply prioritizes watersheds by looking at rainfall and production levels which helps with watershed management. The Watershed partners provide on the groundwork on behalf of the Board of Water Supply in priority watershed areas, while the Board of Water Supply provides funding for the initiatives. Together, everyone plays a part in conserving and managing Hawaii’s watershed resources.

The watershed partnerships are an amazing way to share information, plan for consistent conservation management, and collaborate on larger landscape level projects across ownership boundaries. “That makes it easier for us to focus on everything from invasive species management to forest restoration, native plant propagation, and school programs,” says Yumi Miyata, Program Manager at Waianae Mountains Watershed Partnership.

Through their environmental sciences and Malama Aina curriculum, the Watershed Program is able to educate students on the importance of land conservation and provide insight to potential careers in the field. Students learn about unique island ecosystems, the importance of water quality and recharge, and the challenges faced. Through this program, they’ve hired several interns, summer hires, technicians, and assistants! “It’s been a really great reciprocal relationship with all of our schools,” says Yumi.

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