Blue Planet Foundation Lauds Hawai‘i’s Renewable Energy Progress

Renewable energy now accounts for more than half of the electric power on two islands–Kauaʻi and Maui–according to a new report filed by Hawaiian Electric.

While Kauaʻi continues to lead the way for the state with an estimated 60 percent renewable portfolio standard in 2020, Maui reached the halfway mark at 50.8 percent. When adding the Garden Isle’s clean energy progress to Hawaiian Electric’s growth, Hawaiʻi is currently operating off of nearly 36 percent renewable energy statewide.

Windmills above Kaheawa on Maui. File photo by Wendy Osher.

Hawaiian Electric reports that it has exceeded the 2020 state mandate for 30 percent renewable energy and reached a 34.5 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) across their Hawaiʻi Island, Maui County, and Oʻahu service area. This marks a significant increase over 2019’s 28.4 percent RPS.

The nonprofit Blue Planet Foundation lauded the numbers saying they show promise for Hawaiʻi’s transition to clean energy by 2045.

The organization was responsible for leading the advocacy campaign to pass Hawaiʻi’s first-in-the-nation 100 percent renewable energy law. Representatives say the group is excited to see renewables become the majority and fossil fuel switch roles to become the “alternative energy” on Maui and Kauaʻi. “To put it simply, every time someone flips a light switch on those islands, more than half of the time, it is being powered by local, clean energy sources,” Blue Planet Foundation representatives said.

“While this marks major progress for Hawaiʻi and helps build a more resilient future, Blue Planet remains committed to continuing its work to accelerate Hawaiʻi’s transition away from imported fossil fuels,” according to the organization.

During the 2021 legislative session, Blue Planet is prioritizing a portfolio of policy solutions to accelerate this evolution while simultaneously recovering from the pandemic.

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