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Like any business, blogs are complex as well. For example, if you had a restaurant, Is just serving good food would suffice? Well, if that was the case, every good cook would have a successful business. In the same vein, Its not about writing good content and posting your thoughts online. It involves complex steps such as understanding what people love or hate about your blogs, to look at page views or ranks and to consistently improve yourself.


Blogging requires persistence. It is the ability to keep going the extra mile as much as possible. It is when you know what you are doing is totally right and keep engaging in your passion till you reach your goal. Business, I believe, is pretty much that too.  You need to persist in order to achieve success


Blogging requires discipline. It is an everyday effort to ensure that you have good quality of blogs going out frequently.  This pretty much relates to business as well. Self-discipline is the core to success, and if it requires someone to nudge you to do something, you are in the wrong spot.


Well yeah, you would not have thought of this, but blogging does involve you to go out and spread the word. Go to communities with similar topics, share your links, back linking and creating link baits etc. Well a typical business is much the same. You need to go out, let people know and advertise your product. You have to create partnerships with business to attract more customers.


So, you want to write about something that you are passionate about. What do you do is you have to start writing until you reach a point where everything you know regarding the subject might have been put on paper, or in this case, in your blogs. So what do you do next? You start reading more about the subject and gain more knowledge as you keep writing. The same thing applies to business as well. You need to scoot around to gain more knowledge, to better develop your product and to be ahead of your competition.

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