Bike donation, repairs planned in Hāna

Krank Cycles has donated some 2,000 bicycles to youths in Maui County.

A Maui-based bike shop plans to donate 50 bikes to Hāna kids at its giveaway at the Hāna Farmers Market Field on July 18 starting 9 a.m.

It’s one of the many donations made by Krank Cycles of Maui and its owner Aaron “Moose” Reichert.

Krank Cycles owner Aaron “Moose” Richert fixes a bike.

Riechert said residents of Hāna are invited to bring their bicycles to be fixed for free.

“The Maui Bike Mission is rolling out again!” Riechert announced.

Since opening in 2013, Krank Cycles has made community give-back to Maui County a priority. Volunteering time and resources, the business and its supporters have given away more than 2,000 bicycles to those in need.

Trying to make the best of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Krank Cycles focused on how to give back to the community that has supported them and came up with the “Krank Maui Bike Mission.”

Krank Cycles has donated some 2,000 bicycles to youths in Maui County. It is conducting a giveaway in Hāna on July 18.

Since that time, its Krank Cycles team has been able to visit the island of Molokaʻi twice, as well as Keʻanae and Lānaʻi.  The June 18 stop in Hāna is its third visit.

Krank Cycles is a Maui-based bike shop serving the Valley Isle in two locations — one at 270 Dairy Road in Kahului, and another at 1129 Makawao Avenue.

Krank Cycles, Maui at the maui Marketplace in Kahului.

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