Best Sports Cities in America

The sports industry has become one of the biggest and most successful industries in America. Professional sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA have managed to build leagues full of teams with passionate fan bases. However, some cities have been more successful in these professional sports leagues than others. Some cities have been able to win multiple titles in various leagues. This begs the question, what American city is truly the best sports city and can claim the throne of Titletown, USA.


Boston’s sports team have the perfect combination of storied tradition and recent success. Boston is home to one of the most historic MLB franchises, the Red Sox. The Red Sox have been around for over a century and play their home games at the historic Fenway Park, a cathedral of baseball history. The Red Sox not only carry a lot of history, but also have had a lot of recent success. The Red Sox have won the World Series and brought home the Commissioner’s Trophy three times since 2004. Speaking of recent success, the NFL team in Boston is doing quite well too. The New England Patriots have won an astonishing five Super Bowls since 2004, by far the most in the league. The cities’ NBA team, the Celtics, are no slouches either. The Celtics have won the NBA title a league leading 17 times, including their most recent title in 2008. Finally, the cities NHL team, the Bruins, are consistent playoff contenders and have won the Stanley cup as recently as 2011. When it comes to playoff success and championships, few cities can match up to Boston’s prowess. If you’re looking for and some new local teams to root for, then be prepared to be spoiled by deep playoff runs and memorable title games across all leagues.


Some of the most passionate fan bases in sports belong to Philadelphia teams. Nobody loves their teams as much as Philly fans do. A perfect example of this would be the Eagles’ first super bowl win earlier in 2018. Philly fans are absolutely obsessed over their sports teams. Although they may not be elite all the time, when Philadelphia sports teams are successful they have the full support of their rabid fan bases. The cities’ NFL team, the Eagles, won the league’s most recent Super Bowl and sent their loyal fan base into a frenzy. The 76ers, the cities NBA team, also has a strong following. The team’s motto “Trust the Process” has become a rallying cry for the entire region. The city’s NHL and MLB teams, the Flyers and the Phillies, also have loyal rabid fan bases and several titles to their names. If the best sports city in America is defined as the one most passionate about its teams, then Philly takes the title easily.

New York

Is it really any surprise that America’s most populous city makes the list of the nation’s best sports cities? New Yorkers love their drama and entertainment, and the New York sports media is happy to oblige. No sports city in America gets as much media coverage, positive and negative, than New York teams do. In addition, New Yorkers have the most options when it comes to picking a favorite sports team. The city is home to two MLB teams, two NBA teams, three NHL teams, and two NFL teams. When it comes to baseball, the Yankees are kings of the world with a league leading 27 World Series titles. Their rivals, the Mets only have two World Series titles, but boast a dedicated and rabid fanbase that rivals any sports franchise. In basketball, the Knicks are one of the most historic teams in the league, and play at the historic Madison Square Garden. Their rivals, the Nets, just opened a beautiful brand new stadium in Brooklyn and look to have a bright future. New York also has three amazing NHL teams in the Rangers, Islanders, and Devils. All three are consistent playoff contenders in the NHL. Finally, the city is home to two popular NFL teams: the Giants and the Jets. The Giants have had two Super Bowl titles in the last decade, and the Jets have made it very close to the Super Bowl several times in the last decade. No city boasts as large of variety of sports team as New York City does, as there truly is a sports team and fan base that fits all types of sports fans.

Los AngelesWhat’s not to love about Los Angeles? The city has an and some amazing sports teams. The city is home to the Lakers, a team with sixteen NBA titles and a multitude of former Hall of Fame players. If the Lakers don’t strike your basketball fancy, then perhaps you’ll enjoy some Clippers games. Both play their NBA home games at the historic Staples Center. The Staples Center also plays host to an NHL team, the Kings. The Kings and their stout goalie Jonathan Quick won the Stanley Cup in both 2012 and 2014. If seeing hockey and basketball games don’t sound interesting to you, then you can see one of the city’s two MLB teams. The Angels are as exciting as ever, as they have two of the game’s brightest stars: Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. The cities’ other baseball team, the Dodgers, also has plenty of star power with players such as Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager. These are two players who helped the Dodgers win the most recent National League pennant and reach the World Series in 2017. Finally, LA has recently acquired two new NFL franchises. The St Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers have both recently relocated to Los Angeles. It’s an exciting time to be a Los Angeles sports fan!


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