Best Online Fashion Marketing Videos

Best Online Fashion Marketing Videos

In such a trendy industry such as fashion, companies are always looking for new cutting edge ways to market their products.

Important luxury and leading fashion brands have begun to adopt corporate video marketing strategies for campaign ads to increase their brand awareness and e-commerce business.

Many of these companies that have embraced video content marketing have expanded not only their audiences, but their sales as well.

I guess you could say video marketing is the new black.

But why has it become so popular?

According to StyleShoots, 90% of customers have reported that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, and 64% are more likely to buy a product.

It’s no wonder fashion brands are investing so much time and money into video content marketing to advertise their newest collections.

One website in particular that embraces this tactic is In cahoots with over 400 other fashion brands, this database takes full advantage of video marketing with their Digital Trunk Shows that reveal exclusive previews of collections and interviews from designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Attico, and Emilia Wickstead. It allows consumers to click and shop directly, learn about new trends, and become fully immersed into these brands.

A visual industry needs visual content

In recent years, many successful trendsetting companies have created dynamic videos.

Here are some of the Best Fashion Marketing Videos Online:

1. Burberry:

In an attempt to prove their dedication to music, British culture, and consumer engagement, Burberry released their Acoustic Campaign where authentic British artists recorded and performed exclusive songs for Burberry while wearing their clothing. It resulted in half a million Facebook interactions and over 3 million views on their YouTube channel.

2. Calvin Klein:

This American fashion company that is known for its suggestive campaign ads is no stranger to video content marketing. In the fall of 2016, CK launched their wildly successful #MyCalvins videos featuring celebrities like Kate Moss, Kacy Hill, Young Thug, and James Rodriguez. The campaign captures the essence of global unity and inspires a culture of youthfulness. Today, there are over 600,000 pictures tagged on instagram as #mycalvins.

3. Zappos:

Zappos places customer care at the top of their to do list. Their 365 day money back guarantee and set of core values has given this billion dollar company its outstanding reputation and a satisfied clientele. Their marketing videos don’t miss the mark either. They even used real life customer scenarios that any average person can relate to. One ad shows the struggle that a young father who’s daughter refuses dance shoes is going through. His job is made easier as Zappos allows him to keep exchanging the ballet shoes until he finds the right pair.

4. Gap:

Released in the spring of 2017, Gap embarked on a new campaign entitled “I am Gap” where street casting was conducted to find everyday people as actors for the video. This ad video not only highlights the importance of diversity, but also brings about a returned emphasis on capturing the true meaning of their brand. It features many types of people with various backgrounds which helps viewers focus on the fact that no matter the differences, they are all united through GAP clothing. “You are worlds apart in life but neighbors in optimistic spirit. You are America. You are GAP.”

Similar to what consumers experience while shopping, these brands — Burberry, Calvin Klein, Zappos, and GAP — had to find and create a video design that reflects back on the style, personality, and aesthetics of the company brand.

When done successfully they were able to increase sales and spread brand awareness.

Make sure your brand never goes out of style.

We hope you enjoyed this promoted piece as much as we did!

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