Become Proactive with Your Performance Marketing Reporting

The New Performance Marketing Platform

On July 25 this year, we officially launched our performance marketing platform (PMP), powered by partnerize. Over the past 12-plus months we have been gathering feedback from partners, publishers and clients, and identifying market demands around performance-based marketing. As part of this blog series, we will highlight the key features and benefits our new partnership can provide to software vendors looking to drive customer acquisition, and most importantly how the platform can help automate processes for our publishers.

Our performance marketing manager Nick Oswald kicked off this series on the day of the launch with “Introducing the cleverbridge Performance Marketing Platform.” Here, we’ll explore a feature that allows marketing managers to become proactive when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of ad spend. Sounds like a dream right?

Each of us uses many different tools for managing performance-based marketing channels, and at the end of the month when we run our reports to provide insight to our C-Suite, we need to compile and pull data from multiple sources to get the full picture. By the time the reports have been created and analyzed, the month is already half over, making it difficult to optimize your campaigns, so that next month you will hit your targets.

Predictive Reporting Using Artificial Intelligence

With our PMP powered by partnerize, our solution is able to offer predictive analytics, powered by artificial intelligence. With predictive analytics, our clients (advertisers) can understand the future of their sales and how that impacts specific campaigns and offers. This enables them to understand their ROAS (return on ad spend) before the month ends. Every marketer wants the most out of their campaigns and to ensure that their investments are profitable.

Partner Performance Forecaster

Imagine your world if you could see a glimpse into the future of your partner performance forecast. You can make changes as you see a decrease in sales, or if your offer is not driving the volume of sales that you planned. Your focus can be to optimize campaigns and offers as you see a drop in activity before it happens. It also helps you work better with your publishers and partners to maximize effectiveness together.

Not only can you run reports, but also set up alerts to notify you when there is a downturn in activity or unwanted shifts in your data, so that you can respond in real-time.

Being able to react to a downturn or shift in your data that was not planned can save your company money, strengthen the relationship with your partners as you work together on making edits throughout the campaign, and also gives you a head start on your monthly reports and budget planning.

For more information on the Performance Marketing Platform, click here.

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Amy Carabini is the Senior Performance Marketing Manager for cleverbridge.

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