Battle between Email marketing Vs SMS Marketing

These two giants of the business marketing are always pitted against each other in different ways. Although, both are widely used by small and big businesses across the nation and yes, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For several years, emails have been using to send any vital information and also become the most widely used form of business communication. For selling products with beautiful images and catchy headlines/subject lines can grab readers attention easily and brings a high number of conversions for companies. In any case, the early achievement of emails caused an immense convergence of anybody and everybody emailing out there items to everybody. Implying that we were all and keep on being drowned in the heaps of non-applicable marketing emails.

The marketers are fighting to ensure the customer’s inboxes should not be overloaded with a lot of emails and there will be no chances of the spam filter. If it gets so, emails would be one of the most prominent tools for sharing information.

On the other hand, bulk SMS marketing is touching the new heights of the business world. With the advent of mobile phones, the importance of texting has already increased among all. It has been noticed that a majority of brands and organizations are now having a mobile marketing strategy. The use of mobile phones is rapidly increasing day-by-day, we can do anything and everything with it easily. From listening to music to watching videos on social media platforms everything is now possible with smartphones.

That is why? Small, medium and large business owners are considering it as a powerful marketing tool for brand/product/service promotion. We all know, everyone carries their phones in their hands or in their pockets when you send text SMS there may be pretty much high chances of its readability. No one deletes your text SMS without reading it!

So, below I am sharing some infographic filled with SMS marketing and email marketing stats & facts that you can compare to make the better decision about your business marketing plans.

The Email

  • 74 Trillion emails are sent per year
  • 269 Billion emails sent every day
  • 4 Million emails are sent every second
  • On an average 121 emails, an office employee receives per week
  • 7 of emails are spam
  • Email has open rates of 20%
  • Only 6% email has a response rate
  • Approx 90 minutes an average person takes to respond on email
  • 30% People would like to get promotional offers via Emails
  • Over 45% of marketers feel that their emails aren’t getting responses


  • 8 Trillion texts sent every day
  • 22 billion texts sent every day
  • 15,220,700 texts sent every minute
  • On an average 150 text messages a millennial receives per week
  • There are no chances of spamming
  • SMS has open rates of 98%
  • 45% are the response rates of SMS marketing
  • Approx 90 seconds a person takes to respond to a text SMS
  • 95% of all text messages will get read within 3 minutes and most gets read in under 5 seconds
  • 5% of people would like to receive promotional offers, coupon codes and exclusive deals links via SMS only.

So, what do you think? Which marketing medium is best for your enterprise. In my perspective, Sms marketing wins the game as compared to email marketing services. In today’s world, people have a curiosity to read notifications when their phone buzzes in the pocket or hand. That is there are high chances of SMS open rather than email which takes a long time to read on the system.

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