Bag Collection Business Idea

One of the most unenjoybale parts of travel is hailing around suitcases or backpacks.

Most of a trip you keep your bag wherever your staying and don’t have to worry about it as a result. But on the last day in a city, when you have to check out, you are left with a bag and no place to keep it.

In the past, when it was most likely you were staying at a hotel, you could store it there and go out and explore before catching your flight, train, or bus. But now as Airbnb is getting more popular it is creating a challenge where travelers have to check out and have no where to store their bags.

I think the perfect solution to this problem would be a service that picks up your bags and hold them at the airport or train station for you.

Say it’s your last day on a New York trip. You check out of your Airbnb at 11am and waiting at your door is someone to pick up your bag. You’re flying back home at 8pm so you go out exploring all day.

Along the way you can use an app to see that your bag has safely made it to the airport. Once you arrive at the airport that night, you go pick up the bag and check in. Maybe that happens at an office or even better someone comes and meets you at the check in counter. Perhaps they can even work out a deal with the airline so they can check in your bag for you (although regulations probably make this illegal).

I would gladly pay 40 or $50 to get my baggage dealt with and not have to deal with it or think about it during the day. It quickly pays off in the better experience you get with your last day in the city.

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