Asia Pacific International School now accepting students

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Founded in 2015, APIS takes a normal curriculum and turns it into a unique learning experience for its students. “It’s a place based, project-based school which means we try to take our curriculum and use it to study the environment around us and to make it relevant for the people that are taking our classes,” says APIS teacher Tobias Tillemans. The special location on the north shore gives APIS the opportunity to have indoor and outdoor classes to study topics like marine biology, agriculture, and farming.

APIS education system involves mostly hands-on learning through on campus assets like their farm or the ocean. “A project-based system is more emphasizing the skills that a student might have going into the next 20 years. We think that’s really important, maybe more important than the content used to be,” says Tobias.

With the small student body, teachers are able to focus on individual students and their needs, providing a more intimate learning space. For more information on enrollment, please visit!

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