Are These 4 Local SEO Myths Hurting Your Marketing?

Despite the many in-depth guides on search engine optimization out there, some local SEO myths stubbornly endure. Let’s clear them up once and for all.

Myth #1: Google Lowers Your Ranking If You Break a Guideline

If you – doesn’t happen all that often – you will likely get a soft suspension. This may happen if you create multiple verified listings for your business. Or if you add keywords to your business name.

With a soft suspension, you can’t access your business listing anymore. Until Google lifts the suspension, that is. But your SEO rankings are not affected.

Google punishes more serious offenses or serial offenders with a hard suspension. This suspension removes your listing entirely.

But Google doesn’t work behind your back lowering your rankings.

Myth #2: Where You Rank Depends On Your Service Area

How does Google choose the locations you rank in? It’s quite simple. Google looks at your business address and then at the user location (city).

It’s a mistake to think that the service area you set in Google My Business has an impact on these rankings.

But what’s the service area for then? It gives Google an idea of the area your services or product shipping covers. It’s a signal, rather than a metric.

Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Use a Call-Tracking Number

It’s okay to use one. But you have to move your normal number to the secondary phone line below in Google My Business.

If call-tracking can help you monitor your marketing campaign, there’s no reason not to use it. Google doesn’t seem to mind, unless you use the number on other directories as well. Then you may have .

Myth #4: Working with a Content Writing Company Is Beyond Your Budget

Of all local SEO myths, this is one of the most enduring. Content writing for startups covers all the key aspects of local SEO, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

And there’s a lot you can to do keep your local SEO costs in check. You can do basic keyword research, create a one-page content strategy, or even outline your main articles. Remember this next time you consider hiring an article writing service.

Final Word

Good local SEO for small business doesn’t leave room for any local SEO myths. Focus on what really matters. Work on improving the quality of your website and . That’s the only way to climb to the top of the SERPs for local listings. Quality and consistency is what you need.

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