Are There Really 230,000 Unfilled Marketing Jobs? · Yes, Margaret? Are There Really 230,000 Unfilled Marketing Jobs?

“Companies, large and small, need marketing to grow. Small businesses may not have resources for a full-time marketing hire, but they still need these skills-which range from social media and digital marketing, to market research and branding. Given how critical marketing skills are across sectors, we were surprised to find that the U.S. has a national shortage of 230,000 people with marketing skills.”

The report suggests that the issue is that marketers live elsewhere, but online communities are taking the time to air their grievances with the wider industry.

What Marketing Communities Are Saying

These comments are gleaned from a recent Reddit thread on the topic, with links to their sources:

That doesn’t even touch on the people working in marketing that have no marketing skills whatsoever – so that number should be much higher. Link

I’m in Dallas and can’t land a marketing job. Got my bachelor’s in December, have a years’ worth of experience, and I’ll be done with my Master’s this December. No dice. Link

Not really feeling this report. Marketing degrees are very soft skilled. I think most of us will agree we learned most of our skill sets through experience on the job or personal interest. I just don’t think marketing skills are something you need to learn in the classroom. Link

…but if there is this huge gap in need, why is it so damn difficult to land a job in marketing? Link Because most places want you to do 5 jobs and pay 35k Link

One set of comments indicated that we should be more careful reading the report: That there is a shortage of people with marketing skills, not a shortage of marketing positions.

This comment is much longer, but its point is that it’s a “waste of time” to apply through websites and to instead finding a person to refer you directly to a manager.

I don’t believe that number for one second…It’s the same bullshit as “lack of technical talent” in the Silicon Valley. You have bachelors, masters, phds going hungry while companies are claiming there aren’t skilled or experienced workers just so they can hire internationally at a criminal salary. Link

There is no new information on marketing jobs in the June 2018 American report, so we’ll have to sit tight to see if the trend holds. If you’re looking for a conservative job, please see my resource page.

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